May 9, 2018


Dr. Elmi Zulkarnain Osman. The Award Winning Trainer With The Right Humour.

Dr. Elmi Zulkarnain Osman – an award-winning educator, a popular corporate trainer and a highly paid Malay English Language Coach started his career as a teacher in a government school in Singapore before becoming a lecturer in a government-based institute. Throughout his career with the Singapore Public Service, Dr. Elmi has already been acknowledged as an accomplished public speaker and a motivational speaker known for his high energy delivery and humorous approach. He is also well known in the grassroots circle as an experienced Chief Facilitator and an accomplished Forum Moderator. Upon completing his PhD in Educational Leadership with Trident University International in 2018, he and a few like-minded friends decided to set up Elemantra Training Consultancy. A consultancy that has been delivering their promise to deliver an “enriching experience every time”.

As the CEO and Principal Trainer at Elemantra Consultancy, Dr. Elmi is very much known for his exceptional communication skills. While most other trainers have good communication skills, they crack when faced with a large audience. Dr. Elmi is always able to confidently deliver the content regardless the of the class size and that is what makes him an impressive trainer.
Dr. Elmi’s technical expertise includes his excellent domain knowledge in the subject of therapeutic humour and how humour can be a an effective tool for communication among people.

Through his signature training workshop titled “Humor in the Workplace”, Dr. Elmi has been sharing how humour can change lives and relationships. In this course, he has been helping his clients and workshop participants to help them better understand why they laugh and how they can use humour in their everyday lives to Protect, Attack, Connect, and Distract.
He has been explaining how humour can be used strategically in the workplace to help relieve tension, shift perspectives, bring people together, and work more effectively. He has also been sharing tips and tricks for both evaluating and expanding the participants’ humour skill set.
“Humor in the Workplace” topics include:
Understanding why we laugh
Using humour as an ‘tool’ of connection
Shifting perspectives through humour
Releasing tension with humour
Expanding your humour skill set

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Hoh May Ying said...

My colleagues and I have attended Dr. Elmi's Humour Workshop and we don't mind attending this workshop again, and again ... and again. His training is always superbly awesome.

Anyway Dr. Elmi's course has really provided us with scientific background on the link between humour and learning, as well as exercises for our own toolbox and ideas for ways to lighten our presentations as our company's in house trainers.

Kudos to Dr. Elmi Zulkarnain.

Juliana Baharudin said...

If you want a speaker that makes the people in your organisation feel good after the speech, there are hundreds of good motivational speakers out there to choose from; go get one.

But if you want your people to be feeling good and making positive changes for weeks and months and years after, then Dr Elmi Zulkarnain from Singapore is your choice for a motivational speaker.

Attended his talk at Youth Corps Singapore and Dr Elmi is truly is someone who motivates people to stop, think, analyse and change. He leaves an incredibly uplifting impact on his audiences.

Your people will truly thank you for bringing Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman into their lives.

If you want a real catalyst for lasting, positive change, Dr Elmi is your clear choice!